Issue #130b

Michela Goldschmied

L'Immigrata Riluttante

Shortly after having graduated an Arts university in Venice I met my husband Adriano. After 3 months we eloped in Mexico and had two daughters in the next few years. We moved to LA where I pursued my passion for interior and fashion design.

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What do you do in your life (work and fun)?

I am an interior designer whose life is split between LA and Asolo, my home in Italy. My favorite things to do are reading, going to the movies (literally I go to see everything that is out), and enjoying my homes and family. I love the water and swimming, so any chance I get I try to take a dip.

What made you leave Italy and chose LA?

I left Italy to follow my husband who moved here for work in the late 90s, so it wasn’t so much that I chose LA, but I definitely took the time to make it my new home.

Please share your best memory in the City.

Other than any day spent at the beach, last year I had the pleasure of hosting a wedding, which my daughter was officiating, in my home garden. It was a special family friend from Italy who now lives in San Francisco, so the whole day was quite magical.

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?

I chose this specific location, a park just off 3rd street because it is very particular and shows a side of LA which a tourist wouldn’t necessarily picture. It has a beautiful stone garden, and I liked the idea of not having any green in the shot, just the concrete structures. The outfit was easy to chose, this is one of my favorite dresses and I always wear a coat, no matter the weather.

Your thought about this project, ITALIANY.US

I think its great to see the great variety of professions and different lives that all these immigrants have. We might not have gotten off at Ellis Island 100 years ago, but the American Dream is still alive in all of us.

How would you describe being an ambassador of the Italian style/culture abroad?

I don’t really think about, I don’t feel like an ambassador, perhaps more an informal representative.

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A visual celebration of Italians working, living and loving in NY and in the US